Custom Products

Delafield Controls develops innovative embedded products for other manufacturers from the original concept, turning inventions into finished product. Most of our embedded solutions take less than a month to develop.

Embedded controls are the type of controls used in your auto or microwave oven and are superior to PLC's in speed, looks and performance. They also eliminate the need for batteries, programmers, experienced technicians to operate. Ideally embedded controls appear transparent to the consumer.

Delafield Controls has significant experience in hardware, software and packaging. Specializing in low-cost, high performance packages utilizing the latest in 8 and 16 bit microprocessors.  Our controls feature signal conditioning for sensors and transducers, A/D, D/A, PWM, PID, serial communication including wireless and various display methods.

Delafield Controls has the experience and technology you will need to develop reliable cost effective controls in a timely fashion. Some of our products include fuel additive injection systems, 3 phase brushless motor controls, pump and valve controller, Ozone purification control, tire inflation controls, and wireless data loggers.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your design requirements.

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